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Ski Tromsø

Explore half day and full day ski trips with/without boat around the Paris of the North

Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Merrick Mordal skiing down the near-by mountain, Buren. She brought guests to this spot the day after approving conditions. Photo: Anders Mordal

Half day ski trips

Within 30-minute drive from the city center, there are many backcountry ski options to experience skiing over the ocean. Let our guides find the best snow and right peak for you and your group. 

The sun shining its rays into Ersfjordbotn at 9pm on a spring day. This group approached from the south and skied down the north. Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Half/Full day trips Ersfjordbotn

Access untracked areas by boat in the mountainous bay of Ersfjord. With mountains lining both sides of this bay, it’s easy to design a full day out creating traverses or loops using the road and water ways for transportaion. Or take a half day trip to the island in the middle of this bay, Sessøya and ski down the 657 vertical meters to the boat.

The problem about visiting this area is that when you are on one ridge or couloir, you spot at least 10 more. The ski terrain is endless. Photo: Martin Andersen

Full day ski trips

Within a 1 hour drive from the city center, you access several islands and valley systems. The mountainous islands of the North cause microclimates and with the additional driving distance, you have a better chance of accessing good snow.


Ski mountaineering / Ice climbing / Avalanche / Introductory skiing courses

With a certified staff and local knowledge, we can create on-demand courses that cover the spectrum of winter outdoor activities. 


A perfect powder swing, people in majestic surroundings, the joy of having reached the goal or overcoming a challenge, or just the joy of being on a trip are moments that Martin wants to capture with the mountains and the surroundings as a backdrop. 

Martin is a mountain goat that on light skis moves at a high pace to stay ahead, or in search of the perfect cut. By booking Martin on the trip, you will get a photographer who will work hard to capture magical moments from your trip. Martin has submitted photos for advertising for, among others, Dynastar, Mammut, Norrøna, Swix, Rottefella and Madshus through his one-man company Fjellfanten Photo & adventure


Ersfjordbotn Brygge: 6 accommodations (Rorbu)

Rorbu means a fisherman cabin. These rorbu are comfortable and modern accomodations that were established in 2014. They are located at the heart of Tromsø Ski Guides adventures and around 16 km from the airport of Tromsø. 


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