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Workshop: Steep Skiing Elements

Quick Details

Adult Above 19 years-old
Student (Send proof by email)

There are inherent risks with skiing steeper terrain: crossing an avalanche trigger zone, being in an avalanche path, terrain traps, and no-fall zones.

Elements that are covered in this course are the following:

  1. Establish steep skiing protocol:
    TSG visits an area that the group can assess an array of steep lines and discuss meeting points and exit strategies at a safe distance.
  2. Progress steep skiing techniques:
    Straight lining, jump turning, committing to a line, sliding turns, adjusting type of turns to control speed, drops. All done in microterrain.
  3. Assess the terrain based on avalanche forecast, snowpack and observations during the day


  • Evening before the field day (time tba) – short meet up online or live for approx. an hour to plan the next day
  • One full day outside