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David Poole
David PooleFrom London, UK
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Excellent guides. Very good at balancing the wishes for all participants from extreme runs to leisurely mountain hikes.
 Jan Tore Paulsen
Jan Tore PaulsenLives in Stavanger, Norway
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Competent, knowledgeable mountain guides with a focus on safe trips arranged according to the group's level. Good to facilitate the day, where both the feeling of experiencing the magnificent landscape and cool descents is prioritized ☃️
Tor Arne Hansen
Tor Arne HansenFrom Harstad, Norway
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Excellent guides that will take you safely up beautiful mountains and lead you down white-powder slopes matching your skiing level and ambitions. The competence, friendliness and positive energy make you want to come back next year.
Anders Foss
Anders FossLives in Sandnes, Norway
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These guides will take you great places to «earn your turns». Good knowledge about the mountain and conditions. An excellent guide team for versified experiences. Want to go steep and rough - go with the Alaskan energy bundle. Want somewhat more a mellow mountain experience - follow the down to earth Norwegian blonde.
 Trond Ødegård
Trond ØdegårdLives in Sandnes, Norway
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My favourite guides. They bring you up the safest route, and then one of them take you down faster than she drives a car.
Neil Hughes
Neil HughesLives in Stavanger, Norway
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Gnarliest shizzle!

Owner- Lena Dahl

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Owner- Merrick Mordal

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Photographer- Martin Andersen

Avalanche Instructor- Edda Marie

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