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Ski Lyngen / Senja

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Access the beautiful and scenic Lyngen Alps or the magical island of Senja in Tromsø, Norway.

TSG partners with local certified guides based in Lyngseidet, Lakselvbukt, or Svensby. With local knowledge and years of collective experience working in the Lyngen Alps, we have developed operating procedures that reduce risks and increase smiles. TSG guides have over 10 years’ experience of guiding out of Senja via boats and lodges. Since 2022, the ferry from Tromsø (Kvaløya) runs year round to Senja making logistics easier for visiting guests.
Please contact via email [email protected] if you would like to book several days.


Photo Credits: Kristin Folsland Olsen, Martin Andersen, Nikolai Schirmer, and private TSG stock