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Custom Avalanche Course or Workshop

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Adult Above 19 years-old
Student (Send proof by email)

Tailor-made avalanche courses or workshops, depending on the level of your group!

You have a group that wants to focus on specific parts of your avalanche education ? Or it’s been a while since taking your last course and you want to refresh certain skills? With this tailor-made two days course we can make this possible. Some possible topics for the course are

  • Snow metamorphosis,
  • Avalanche problems
  • Stability tests
  • Terrain management
  • Buddy rescue.

Please inform us which previous avalanche knowledge you have as well as your backcountry skiing experience. We can offer 2 days (only outside with a short zoom meeting before), 2.5 days or 3 day courses!



  • 2 days: NOK 2.800 per person
  • 2.5 days: NOK 3.200 per person
  • 3 days: NOK 3.800 per person


  • 1 day: NOK 1.600 per person

Students receive a NOK 200 discount! All prices depend on a minimum group size of 4.

Contact us to receive an offer which is tailored to your needs:

Cancellation policy for avalanche courses:

Please read our cancellation policy carefully before booking a course with us by following this link:

Photo Credits: Kristin Folsland Olsen, Martin Andersen, Nikolai Schirmer, and private TSG stock