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Workshop: Snowpack

Starting at 1400 kr • Up to 6 people • Deep dive into snowpack and processes

Quick Details

Adult Above 19 years-old
Student (Send proof by email)

Snow metamorphosis and stability is a quite complex topic. Weather events, time and exposure can either create weak layers or help stabilizing the snowpack.
This workshop will focus on the practices how to assess the snowpack and stability.

Topics to be covered

  • Digging a full pit and understanding the information you can get from a pit
  • Connecting processes with the snowpack and creating an understanding what this means for the current avalanche problem
  • Quick assessments of the snowpack and stability along the way
  • Learning how snow pack assessments are used in avalanche forecasting


  • Evening before the field day (time tbd) – short meet up online or live for approx. an hour to plan the next day
  • One full day outside