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Ski & Snowboard Lessons for Children

Choose the level of proficiency that suits you!

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Calling all kids, that want to challenge yourselves in skiing, to Tromsø, Norway!

  1. For children who have just started skiing / snowboarding and need help to develop their skills. For beginners, we work on mastering turning techniques and stopping. We are only on the “magic carpet” on the first lesson so a lift pass is not necessary. Ski rental is in addition.
  2. For children who want to off-piste and back-country ski/snowboard. TSG uses the ski hill to master difficult conditions and practice safe downhill routines for back-country skiing. We discuss the protocol for back-country ski descents to avoid avalanches or that only one person is exposed at a time. This lesson is for people who have their own equipment and are proficient skiers on groomers.


Photo Credits: Kristin Folsland Olsen, Martin Andersen, Nikolai Schirmer, and private TSG stock